The Fractured Era series spans nearly 1,000 years and follows the same families through generations as they survive worldwide catastrophes (Fractured Era) and search for a new Earth (Fractured Era Legacy).

There are many short stories and novels in this series (both released and not yet released). You can read the descriptions below. The titles are listed chronologically; however, you can read either subseries first, since they each follow a unique storyline with an original cast of characters.


In the late twenty-first century, the global population is halved when pandemics, climate change, and worldwide financial collapse alter the Earth forever.

As famine and disease ravage the survivors, the Corporate Coalition rises from the ashes. Infinitek, Calliope6, and MetaTransport take the lead, and the most powerful corporations in the world create a new world order--a better world-- one in which all are taken care of in exchange for allegiance to the Coalition.

But the Coalition leaders know that progress requires sacrifice....

And who will pay the price?


Three hundred years ago, Earth suffered a mass extinction event. The last humans fled to the stars in search of a new home. In the darkness, they fought to survive. Now the fleet decays, and their hope of finding a better world is fading.

Brutal conspiracies and devastating betrayals threaten to fracture the fleet. And the colonists have forgotten the most important lesson their ancestors swore to remember: It only took one wrong choice to destroy life on Earth.

Will their descendants make the same mistake?

Legacy is Book One.

It was originally released in serial format under the titles "Better World", "Legacy Code", and "Paragon". The original episodes are still available in e-book format.