I get a lot of questions about this series. Here are the most common questions and my answers. ~Autumn

Q: Is there any hope? These books are so dark, and it seems like none of the characters can get ahead. (Or: Will I throw my Kindle against the wall when this series is over? How do I know I can I trust you not to rip my whole heart out and leave it bleeding on the floor?) +

A: There is hope. I am probably a new author to you, and I know it takes time (and a finished series) for an author to reassure readers that each story is crafted carefully and with a plan and vision for creating a satisfying series.

All living characters will be back in the next Legacy novel (currently titled Subversion). But Subversion won't be the last book. I think you might sense that after reading the first three episodes (or the Legacy novel).... things are just getting started for the fleet.

I'm revising Defective right now, which takes place back on Earth. Defective will link up to all my short stories and includes Selene's storyline from my retired Defect episodes. It will be the bridge between all prequel stories and the Legacy timeline. Defective features the ancestors of Maeve, Dritan, Tadeo, Zephyr, and others, and will definitely answer many questions readers have asked about the origin of the fleet and how it got that way.

If you've read the Legacy episodes, you'll likely find a ton of Easter eggs buried in Defective. And I'm also excited because when we return to the Legacy storyline to complete it, it will be with a much richer understanding of the culture and the characters. At the moment, all those connections are solely in my head and in my hundreds of pages of notes. I can't wait to share it all with you! 🙂

Q: I'm confused about the Fractured Era Series timeline. What order should I read the books in? +

A: The Fractured Era series spans nearly 1,000 years and follows the same families through generations as they survive worldwide catastrophes (Fractured Era) and a search for a new Earth (Fractured Era Legacy).

There are many short stories, novellas, and novels in this series (both released and not yet released). You can read the descriptions below. The titles are listed chronologically; however, you can read either subseries (Defective or Legacy) individually or out of chronological order as they each follow a unique storyline with an original cast of characters. Spoilers across subseries are kept to a minimum so they can be enjoyed out of order.

Fractured Era Series

  • "Decode" (short story)
  • "Protecteds: Origins" (flash fiction story - free exclusively for AutumnKalquist.com subscribers)
  • "318" (short story)


Fractured Era Legacy

  • LEGACY (Book One)
    • Legacy contains Better World, Legacy Code, and Paragon which were originally published as separate books.
  • More books to follow.
Q: Where is this series going? Do you have a plan? +

A: Indeed, I do. I have more pages of notes than I have in my published books so far. I have hundreds of thousands of words... of notes. If you like what you've read so far, I think you'll enjoy the complete series. Many questions will be answered in the next few releases.

Q: Will I enjoy these books? +

A - Do you like mystery, suspense, and books with real characters facing struggles you can relate to? Do you like dark stories with morally gray edges that make you question where our own society is headed? Do you want to go on an epic journey to find out how humanity will survive an apocalypse of its own making? If you said yes to these questions, I think you'll like these books.

Q: What if I'm not sure I like science fiction? +

A - Fractured Era is a story about people. Love and hate, mystery and suspense, intrigue and betrayal. It's not about the tech these characters use or about space battles. It's about humans and how they live and react to the challenges they face. If you love TV shows like Game of Thrones, The 100, or The Walking Dead, you'll enjoy this series.

Q: I'm not sure I want to commit to a long series... Can I sample just one story and see if it's for me? +

A - Absolutely! You can read a sample of any of my books on Amazon, and you can get free complete stories and songs from the series if you sign up for the Fractured Era newsletter.

Q: What happened to the Very Important Character from Better World? Why does the story jump ahead in time? +

A: That Very Important Character will return in the next book. I originally wrote Legacy Code first, and the other characters from the London would have been introduced after Paragon. Better World started as a prequel story for an anthology I was invited to contribute to, but it turned into a novella instead.


The characters in Better World have not disappeared, I promise. They will be returning.  Everything from the first three episodes / Legacy novel will come together in the next book.

Q: Why are you writing Defective before finishing the Legacy storyline? +

A: I really appreciate all the readers who are patiently waiting for me to link up the timelines between what happened on Earth and the fleet's search for a new world. I want to create a smooth chronological reading order for my current and future readers, so it's essential that I complete the Defective storyline and finish the story I've hinted at in "318", "Decode", and the original retired Defect episodes. Then I will complete the Legacy storyline.

Q: Is it true you release a song with every book? +

A: Yes! There are songs in some of my books, and sometimes they are written by the characters themselves. I'm a singer, songwriter, and music producer, and I work with Freya Wolfe to release a new song for every major book release. These songs are currently not for sale. The only way to get free high-quality MP3s of my new songs as we produce them is to sign up for my mailing list.