Humanity is one secret society away from extinction.
The children of Atlantis use magic to keep us safe.
If they make it through the Academy.

Hi, I’m Lyric. And I’m kind of a mess.
ADHD, that’s me.

I’m a high school drop-out, late everywhere I go, and one screw-up away from being homeless.

I’m a loner, and I like it that way. Who needs friends when you have a Redwood forest nearby? Trees never bully me like the kids did at school. Or get drunk and throw things at my head.

After my mom died, I figured life couldn’t get much worse.
I thought it might even get better.
The universe has a great sense of humor.

I should’ve listened to the rumors about evil spirits. About the angry, ancient magical creatures haunting our small Oregon Coast town. But did I?
That was my first mistake.
And it might be my last.

‘Cause now I’m in a battle for my life.

A whole new world has opened up… a magical world I don’t understand.
And the blood in my veins says I belong here.

But I have to prove myself to save myself.

And when have I ever done that?

Atlantis Academy is a unique new series that weaves together an elite college of magic with the ancient myth of Atlantis. If you love quirky characters, magic, fantasy, and a story filled with plenty of mystery, thrills, and a romance, you’ll love going on this adventure with Lyric!

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Each of the characters in this book are so honestly and sharply drawn that you can’t help caring deeply about what is happening to them. The story pulls you headlong to the end and leaves you wanting to shout “No! Not yet!” Anyone who values an intricate story full of surprises that leave you wanting more will want to read this. If there were 6 stars, I would have given it that.

A great ride on a not-so-urban (I love the Oregon coast!) fantasy train! Well-written characters add rich depth to the story. Can’t wait to see where the adventure leads. Autumn Kalquist has joined the ranks of my favorite similar-genre authors Devon Monk, Jim Butcher and Ilona Andrews.