To save mankind, she must solve a genetic mystery... but time is running out.

Disease ravages humanity, killing millions across the globe. Haunted by the loss of her son to the deadly illness, geneticist Avia Sherman must find the strength to keep going. To find a cure. It's called The Protected Project. To save mankind, Avia must find the missing key to create superimmunity in unborn children... before the world plunges into desolation.

Each story in the Fractured Era Archives reveals the truth behind the mysteries hinted at in the USA TODAY Bestselling Fractured Era series.

This is a short story and originally appeared in The Telepath Chronicles anthology.

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"I love this series. Love it. And this short story, which includes a little more into Infinitek's background, is no exception. Avia, Lizzy, and Dalton are wonderfully developed characters for the short time we have to be introduced to them... a must read. It's quick and enjoyable and while you don't need to read it to understand the Fractured Era series it's a great addition to the series and worth reading."

"I have decided that Autumn is one of my new favorite authors. She has a talent to suck you in, make your heart race, and have you constantly demand more from her characters. Decode is no exception. It sucks you in and has you hoping for the best, yet still wary of what it could truly mean. Sure, genetic manipulation should be helpful, but what is the cost?"