The last humans spent centuries searching for a new Earth. Now they face extinction.

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Three hundred years ago, Earth suffered a mass extinction event, and the last humans fled to the stars in search of a new home. In the darkness, they fought to survive. Now the fleet decays, and their hope of finding a better world is fading.

Aboard the London, the Kerrigan family rules with an iron fist. Maeve Vasquez slaves away in the blistering metalworks, stalked by tragedy and chained by tradition. She'll do anything to escape... no matter the cost.

Brutal conspiracies and devastating betrayals threaten to fracture the fleet. And the colonists have forgotten the most important lesson their ancestors swore to remember: It only took one wrong choice to destroy life on Earth.

Will the descendants make the same mistake?

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"Autumn continues to weave a fantastic tale that leaves you gripped to the edge of your seat and wishing to go on a space adventure."

"From page one I was hooked. ...What I've got to say is that there were some unexpected twists and turns and the ending left me smiling. Even though I've read many of her books already this one is most certainly my favorite. "