Legacy Code Playlist – Era’s Songs

March 2014 NEW RELEASE, legacy code book, post-apocalyptic fiction, ya dystopian romance

I had a short playlist on Spotify that I played over and over as I wrote Legacy Code. These were the songs that reminded me of Era and her story. If you’ve already read Legacy Code, I think you might feel what I felt when you listen to these songs and think about what happened in the book.

If Artificial Gravity is the official song from Book One of the Legacy Code, these songs are the unofficial soundtrack. Here are the videos in the exact order I arranged them on Era Corinth’s playlist.

The Glitch Mob – Palace of the Innocents
The title sums it up rather well.

Phaeleh – Storm (ft. Jess Mills)
Things going wrong.

Civil Twilight – Letters from the Sky
Dritan + Era. Hope.
(I know I’ve mentioned this before. I wrote the lyrics to Artificial Gravity while listening to an instrumental version of this song.)

Leaving Earth – Clint Mansell
This is from the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. It’s really haunting…the moment when you have to make a decision, and you don’t know if you’ll survive it.

Jack Wall – The Final Reckoning
Another song from Mass Effect.

Beats Antique – Alto
Reminds me of a certain cube.

The Glitch Mob – Between Two Points
The stars. Promises of a better world waiting.